BOU Café offers a solution that meets all of your needs, with quality products that ensure customers will enjoy a cappuccino or “Espresso Perfecto”. The aim is to promote upselling in F&B (Food & Beverages), help build customer loyalty and ensure that each cup of coffee is a source of enjoyment and new sensations.

The result is a quality coffee that is sweet, creamy and well-balanced, perfect for any breakfast service. This same coffee, when mixed with milk to make it even creamier and sweeter, is the basic ingredient for a delicious, exquisite cappuccino.

BOU Café offers Technical Assistance (technical assistance service, preventive and corrective services), its Exclusive Cup Service (certification of the methodology and correct preparation of the Espresso Perfecto), Personalised on-going training (both hot and cold coffee-based drinks, milk frothing, etc.) and Personalised advice.

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