The BOU team is passionate about creating the “Espresso Perfecto”, a concentrated beverage made from 7 g of coffee and pressurised for 20 seconds. The result is a 30 ml cup of shiny hazelnut-coloured espresso with firm cream and marbled highlights. It is also characteristically full-bodied with a richly balanced, intense aroma and a flavour that lingers in the mouth.

The quality of BOU Café's “Espresso Perfecto” is based on 5 key aspects:

1. Rigorous selection of origins. BOU Café conducts a rigorous selection of green coffee from different origins, grown in fields where the location and microclimate enables the production of specific coffees that are used to obtain our “Espresso Perfecto”.

2. Surround roasting. The facilities at BOU Café are completely computerised and equipped with the most advanced coffee roasting technology in the world. Coffee from different origins is roasted separately, each with its own specific roasting curve, to ensure that all the aroma, flavour and creaminess of each bean are brought out.

3. Blend Once the different coffees have been roasted, they are combined to obtain the desired blend, creating coffees to meet the needs of any customer.

4.Freshness. BOU Café guarantees the freshness of all its coffees. The product reaches the customer at just the right time for consumption, thus ensuring that it maintains all of its qualities.

BOU coffee is packaged in 1 kg bags, the perfect amount to ensure that the coffee, once opened, is consumed in a single day and remains fresh.

5. Exclusive cup service.To certify that our customers are serving the “Espresso Perfecto”, BOU Café offers an Exclusive Training Service and personalised advice on how to obtain the best results.