BOU Café was founded in 1957, dedicated to producing and marketing top-quality coffee for the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants and catering). Since the very beginning, the company has been committed to quality, with a clear vocation for customer service and different products and services that generate new opportunities. In particular, these include quality and innovation in new coffees and coffee drinks, technical service, personalised on-going training and our Exclusive Cup Service.

In 2004, following the inauguration of its new facilities, fully computerised and equipped with the most advanced technology in all of Europe, BOU Café began its expansion into the domestic market, selling its products throughout Spain.


BOU Café created the “Espresso Perfecto” concept in 2010, designed to offer its customers and consumers consistently high-quality coffee that provides both pleasure and new sensations.

BOU Café offers its products to all coffee lovers, and in 2013 it also embarked on its international expansion.